WhiteSnow Spartans

At WhiteSnow we value our freedom the most. None of us have any bosses like other companies. We cherish our freedom at work – we can work from home, take breaks anytime and are free from all office politics! We can completely focus on our creative programming.

We are a company of the passionate, by the passionate and for the passionate!

Beyond freedom, passion and respect for people, the biggest perk you’ll find at WhiteSnow is working with world-class talent.

We value talent over experience. We love working with freshers. If you believe you have the skills, you can apply for any open position at WhiteSnow and you will get the chance to prove your skills.

You get a very friendly environment at WhiteSnow while you go through the interview process. There are 5 rounds of interviews as mentioned below:

  • The first round is a brain test (Logical Test)
  • The second round is coding test
  • Third round is machine test (coding)
  • Fourth round is technical interview
  • Fifth round is H.R interview
Our IdeologyThe two pillars of our company


We strongly believe in building a relatively smaller company with highly talented people than building a large company with many dumb people. We value our freedom of thoughts and actions more than anything else.

Technological Excellence

We strongly believe in writing world class object oriented code – the kind of code that Google or Microsoft writes. Technological excellence together with freedom forms the basis of the entire organization’s fundamental principles. We believe that without freedom, talented people cannot be creative and an organization cannot thrive without it.

open positions

how can we help you?

For any queries or concerns regarding job application kindly contact our HR at



I’ve been working with White Snow for multiple years now and couldn’t see hiring anyone else for our team’s programming needs. We’ve worked on a bunch of different types of projects and all so far have exceeded the level of quality we expected.

Adam Schwartz