The Fruits of Employment


“You need to have a collaborative hiring process.”

– Steve Jobs

Whitesnow became the official name of Jayesh and Subhash’s company. The name was different and complimented the company’s team very well, as they were very different from the normal organisations. They believed in doing things differently and  they loved their work! The day after the office was rented out by Whitesnow, no one wasted anytime for the furniture to arrive. They sat on the bean bags Subhash borrowed from a friend and started work. That was the enthusiasm displayed by the team. The team was very excited as they finally had a place they could call an Office.  A week later, the office was fully furnished with workstations and chairs for the Whitesnow Team to start working. The team was doing extremely well in the work front working more efficiently than ever, Communication was going smooth and Deadlines were never missed.

A month later, Jayesh and Subhash had to leave to the US to meet their clients and get an overall feedback. A feedback form was suggested and created by Subhash, which would be filled by the client’s they were visiting. This was used to track the client’s feedback with ratings and comments.  They left Ashish (Their first recruit) in charge of the overall operations at Whitesnow. He was a Techie with quick learning abilities which helped him navigate the work through the team. There was no news from either of them for a week.

Upon returning back to Pune the two went straight to Kamla Nehru Park. There was a file between the two in the bench they always sit on. Subhash picked the file containing the Feedback Forms. Every form was positive, however Jayesh looked serious. Jayesh opened up an envelope.

‘This is where the Greats are different from the Mediocres” Jayesh said in a very Serious Tone. ‘The  Envelope contains the projects for the biggest client a company could ever get access to.’

Jayesh raising his eyebrow, opened the Envelope which was Addressed to their company ‘Whitesnow’.

Inside the Envelope contained a file containing pages after pages of projects that need to be completed , with step to step instructions on the Clients Letterhead.

‘For this we need more Talent Subhash. Talent that’s been hiding!’ Jayesh said looking firmly at Subhash’s eye. Subhash was delighted but at the same time took note of Jayesh’s seriousness. Subhash handed the file back to Jayesh.

‘No! It’s all in my head already, you’ll need it!’ Jayesh said shaking Subhash’s hand firmly.

This was the most serious Subhash had seen Jayesh, Subhash before sleeping went through the file once more. He had a lot of work to do the next morning. The projects were for a big client and this was a great opportunity. Next day morning, at the usual Walks with Jayesh, Subhash and Jayesh chatted about recruitment and how a process was to be made if Talent was to be special.

Thus began the Process Whitesnow is Famous for, ‘The Fruits of Recruitment’ also known as the answer to how Whitesnow Cracked Recruiting Secrets!


Human Resource

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our businesses.”

– Steve Wynn

Whitesnow had the perfect candidates, the unique special talents, the hard working teams and a direction of success. Day in and day out the individuals of  Whitesnow would work at different times with the office being open almost 24/7. Jayesh and Subhash were not particular about Employees spending certain amount of hours in the office, but were more focused on projects being done in a timely and efficient manner.

‘Bench time!’ Subhash’s phone flashed. It was a message from Jayesh, which meant something was either wrong or needed correction. The next day, Jayesh and Subhash took their usual walk together, met each other at office and ate lunch together with the team. However not a single word was mentioned about the Bench Time meet. It was known to both that whatever important decisions and discussions were to be done  in the Bench at Kamla Nehru Park. It somewhat became a lucky Bench for both of them. Subhash drove Jayesh to the park, at 6 in the evening. Jayesh had still not opened up about his urgent message. When both sat down at their usual Bench, Jayesh held Subhash’s shoulder.

‘Subhash, I am extremely proud of the extremes you have helped Whitesnow grow. However there is one important factor which we are missing,’ Jayesh said diving straight to the point. There was a moment of silence, Subhash thought about the extremes they had gone to to make Whitesnow a success. The early morning walks signified a lot in their Road to success. Every morning they would wake up with a positive feeling, start the first step in their walk with a faith knowing anything can be conquered. Midway to their walk, when both grew tired, they knew giving up would not help them achieve what they came for. By the end of the walk, the feeling of fulfilment and achievement was far greater than ever imagined. The Walk was similar to their achievements, giving up would never have helped them achieve their way to success. The walks in the rains, the heat, the early mornings day after day meant no stopping at what they wanted. Subhash also realised Jayesh and he had become much fitter through the journey.

‘We have come a long way! If more success needs to be gained we need to teach the team to Walk the Talk. We need to start Streamlining!’ Jayesh added in a few minutes. Subhash was usually the talkative one, however in the Bench it was always Jayesh that did the talking while Subhash always listened. Jayesh tapped Subhash’s shoulder and smiled at him.

Back home, Subhash looked back at himself in the mirror. ‘I need a person who can handle the recruitment activities, someone who is more determined than I am, someone who is a quick learner and someone who is Optimistic.’

A few days later, Subhash was sitting behind his desk,he picked the phone up.

‘Hello, is this Mughda?’ Asked Subhash on the phone.