The Seeds of Employment

The Beginning

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Whitesnow is a company that has had humble beginnings with a determined and focused goal in mind. Whitesnow Sounds like a distinctive and offbeat name right? The founders kept the name curious, making you want to know more about how the company started and so here is  the story!

It started in the Year 2008 when Jayesh Kitukale, an MIT graduate, a passionate coder and a  risk taker had a dream of a software company. Multinational Software companies never impressed him he was unique in his own way, he was a born leader. All he could think about was running his own software company. In his mind a great company was already being visualized.

Jayesh and his wife Janhavi loved walking and while walking used to discuss Jayesh’s dream of how software projects could be bagged from clients all over the world and what the challenges would be. Everything started from scratch, with time passing and clients appreciating the work done by Jayesh. Jayesh had a flair about constantly learning, whether it be new technologies, new business strategies or even how to connect with people. This helped him to think ahead and take major risks. As they say ‘Fail to Plan And Plan to Fail!’

Things took a great turn five years later when, Jayesh Kitukale and Subhash Trivedi the founders of the company had a strange way of meeting. Some would say their friendship was meant to be. On the 30th of March 2013 They had met through a common friend, Amit Mishra in an exhibition where both did not interact much however exchanged numbers with a background of each other’s businesses. Life went on, both being busy in their own lives and businesses. Jayesh on his quest of taking technological advancements in the IT world to the next level while Subhash continud his recruitment business, interviewing thousands of college goers and becoming an expert in the recruitment process.

“Hi Jayesh? How’s everything?” Subhash said in a happy and excited tone.

“Hi….everything’s great…..” Answered Jayesh .

Subhash was confused , why did Jayesh sound like he had a sore throat.

“Bro, what happened?” Subhash continued

Jayesh a No nonsense type of guy, cut the phone. Shocked at Jayesh’s action, Subhash tried calling him once more.

“Subhash…. I think you got the wrong Jayesh!” Was the firm reply from Jayesh to a very impatient Subhash.

Subhash checked his phone again,  The man on the phone was right, This was embarrassing, the Jayesh he had called was the Jayesh he had met two years ago who he found arrogant and  he thought would not have any connections with whatsoever.

However both exchanged pleasantries as it was the courteous gesture. Jayesh being sharp remembered Subhash as the one who was into recruitment and Jayesh knowing when to connect with people knew this was his chance to use Subhash’s skills of recruiting the best talent. Jayesh had been undergoing a serious problem of hiring talent for his upcoming projects he had bagged from clients all over the United States of America. Being the perfectionist Jayesh was he wanted the best team to impress his clients. These were not ordinary clients, these were the “Big Fish.” The opportunist, Subhash who never said no to an opportunity to excel his recruitment business agreed to finding talent for Jayesh.

The Perfect Opportunist

“Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.”

― Idowu Koyenikan

What happens when an extreme Perfectionist meets an extreme Opportunist? Well, perfect opportunities arise! Out of all places, the first meeting was not in any office, nor was it in any coffee shop. It was in the most unlikely places, a place where kids are free to wander, with imaginations running wild, the Park!

Kamla Nehru Park, Deccan in Pune was the location decided. The month was August 2015, the yearly Monsoon was just ending.The bench they sat on to meet, would be the meeting point for years to come. Both arrived on time, Six in the evening, the Sun was just setting.

“Hi Subhash, I need the best Programming Talent”, Jayesh said being straight to the point. Little did Subhash know, that by what Jayesh meant by best was beyond ordinary. Jayesh being a natural salesman he elaborated on his experience, clients and what his recruitment skills could deliver.

Recruitment in layman term is the process of finding and attracting capable manpower for employment with a certain requirement. There is a Basic method and procedure that many firms follow in recruitment. The procedure usually consist of an Understanding of the Role being hired for and the Preparation of the Job Description which helps shortlist candidates that will be applying for the position. Using this job description hunting for candidates using various methods including contacting Campuses, searching  and posting on Job Sites and speaking to Referals. Once this is done,  applications will be reviewed and interviews conducted. Interviews are basic with a HR round with a Background Check and Personal Questions followed by a more technical round depending on the role which is carried out by a Senior. Finally once a candidate is chosen a contract is compiled with an Offer Letter.

Subhash was  successful NOT because of the usual boring  ‘follow the herd’ process of recruitment but instead he was way more different, he thought out of the box and was way more aggressive than the common recruiter. He focused  on Universities and Colleges with fresh and young talents. He would interview many candidates who were fresh out of graduation by tying up with the Adminstraions of Colleges and Universities. He did not stop at interviewing a hundred, but instead took it up a notch to thousands of students. He was so used to interviewing candidates that he could identify the ones that stood out.

In Subhash’s words ‘Better to be a nerd than one of the herd!’ He would identify the personality traits of the graduate and identify if that personality would match up to the requirement of the job and keep the technical questions as tough as possible.

‘Great… good luck!” Jayesh told firmly to Subhash with a handshake. Jayesh loved keeping it short and precise, he had a mysterious air about him which tends to confuse if he is being serious or sarcastic. They parted ways and before leaving Jayesh smiled sarcastically and added, “ The last few recruitment agencies gave up… hope you are not a quitter like the rest…”

Subhash loved challenges, he never stepped back from a challenge. On his way back home, Subhash was smiling, imagining Jayesh taking back his words however as reality does always, reality sunk in and Subhash knew it would not be that easy convincing Jayesh.


  Never Give Up

“Give up trying to make me give up.”

– Masashi Kishimoto

Giving up, is one word that’s not in Subhash’s Dictionary. Was it going to be added? He started off with his process of recruiting. Next day morning he left  to a couple of Universities to meet up with the adminstrations he had a good rapport with. He arranged for  the usual  interviews for recent graduates, with job profiles  in the field of a Computer Programmer. He returned back home with a few hundred profiles and shortlisted the ones he thought would have a good shot at impressing Jayesh. Next day he returned to interview these shortlisted candidates, and picked a few that would be the ideal programmers Jayesh required. He asked questions, deciphered their personalities, learnt their strengths and weaknesses and made them open up about themselves, gaining trust from an individual was one of Subhash’s strengths. He was super impressed by one of the candidates, let’s call him Raj for secrecy sake! He not only aced his Exams but had great skills in Mathematics which was crucial for Programming , one of the best skilled Programmer he had met in a while.

The next two days he coordinated the interviews for Jayesh, and waited patiently for Jayesh to call and take his words back. None of his candidates ever got refused, even by the best companies.

‘Subhash? I’m not suprised!’ Jayesh told sarcastically to Subhash two days later. What had happened? Let’s rewind and play back the two days of interviews with a side of view from Jayesh to make things more clearer.

Point of View

“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.”

– Henry Ford


Jayesh never operated from an office but instead loved operating from different coffee shops, tea cafes , eateries, 5 star hotels depending on the work and his mood. He placed the interviews in one his favourite coffee shops. He awaited the arrival of the first candidate, who came in abit late. When the CV was handed over to Jayesh he nodded and gave the candidate a piece of paper with two questions. The candidate was a confident individual, little did he know he would leave 5 minutes into the interview less confident and wondering if he was even meant to be a programmer. This repeated for the next few candidates, none of them could impress Jayesh. Jayesh was a tough person to impress. The next day however the candidate who had a great CV and crazy mathematics skills, Raj met Jayesh. Jayesh was on his laptop when Raj entered. Jayesh shook Raj’s hand it was a firm handshake. Jayesh liked the firm and confident handshake, one point to Raj. Raj was handed over the paper with two questions, and Raj smiled back at Jayesh after reading the question. Jayesh had a feeling, Raj might just fit the role. After twenty minutes the two answers were handed back to Jayesh. Jayesh turned the paper to the other side, and looked disappointed. What was on the other side of the paper?

“I’m afraid you failed, you have no presence of mind!” Snapped Jayesh. There was a question on the other side of the paper, a very simple question of Mathematics.Raj had not seen it! Raj was confused, he was dumbstruck!

“Cat got your tongue?” Asked Jayesh to the confused Raj. Raj left embarrassed and at the same time learnt a very important life lesson. The lesson of Presence of mind!

Never EVER Give Up

“Fall seven times. Stand up eight.”

-Old Japanese Proverb

‘Subhash? I’m not suprised!’ Echoed back into Subhash’s ears over and over again. He could not sleep at night, wondering what was it that went wrong. Was it that the young candidates had no experience to show, was it that Jayesh was not accurate with the job profile of the candidate?

“Is it the end of my luck?” Asked Subhash next morning in front of the Mirror, staring back at a person who looked extremely sleepy and dissapointed. He washed his face a couple of times, and the opportunist that he is snapped back into confidence. He learnt a valuable lesson, continuous change and updating of the process of recruitment was needed. Subhash had another strength, he was street smart! He was able to find the problems which had to be fixed. Something had to be done! His phone beeped, he checked his phones screen, Jayesh’s name flashed.

“Tomorrow morning, meet me at Bavdhan. Wear something sporty. We need to walk the talk!”  Jayesh’s message read.

“Walk the talk?” Subhash asked himself. “What’s Jayesh talking about?”