WhiteSnow Secret Recipe to Hiring Extreme Talent.

Whitesnow is a world of extremely talented individuals. It hires only the best! Curious  to know how Whitesnow accomplishes this? Recruitment is a critical activity and  diversity is taken into account at each stage of the recruitment process of Whitesnow.  Here is the process WhiteSnow is famous for and the secret behind their extremely talented team, You will now know how Whitesnow Cracked Recruiting Secrets!

Whitesnow has tie ups with 25 recruitment agencies who work closely with Subhash (the hiring expert!) to match Requirements of Whitesnow and hire individuals with experience levels of 2 to 10 years depending on the responsibilities and criteria. These 25 recruitment agencies work around the clock trying their best to find individuals who can match up to Whitesnow’s perfection criteria. WhiteSnow needs 25 recruitment agencies because often agencies tend to give up, as trying to match up exhausts them and a regular statement made by them is  “you guys dont hire”. WhiteSnow’s hiring ratio is 800:1.

Whitesnow has tie ups with the top 20+ Engineering Colleges and the top 10 Technical Training Institutes around Pune which help in choosing from Fresh Young Graduates. Whitesnow believes in hiring energetic and aggressive minded Graduates with a desire to do their extreme best.

The HR looks into the importance of legislations and documentation which is an organised method of recruitment that is highly credited by the recruitment agencies and colleges Whitesnow works with.


Step 1 – Brain and Aptitude Test


Every candidate selected by WhiteSnow is first given a Brain test. The brain test is a NO KNOWLEDGE test. This test is complex which needs high IQ and an ability to handle stress and no knowledge. The questions in the test are not any coding or technical questions. These questions are unique and personally developed after a lot of research and findings by the Founding Members of Whitesnow Jayesh and Subhash.

This test is also called the ‘Stress Test’, candidates with a good ability to handle  stress levels are able to perform extremely well compared to candidates who lack ability to handle stress. This test identifies candidates who can perform with full force without stress even in critical situations.  Whitesnow believes in an environment which is stress free as it leads to efficiency and quality. Candidates who cannot pass the first test are eliminated.

Many candidates with High IQ and high logical skills are still not able to complete this test successfully, as the questions which have to be answered is extremely stressful which leads to stressful candidates getting the questions wrong.


Step 2 – Interaction Test


In this test, two employees of Whitesnow interview the candidate. They ask them questions which in their opinion are relevant to the jobs they have applied to. This includes background information, past experiences, educational qualifications. Technical expertise and an overall normal conversation takes place to access if a person is able to work in a team and have great communication skills. The candidates are free to ask questions too, regarding the job.

This ensures that the candidate feels he is joining a company he sees a future in. This is a non- elimination round, and the candidates automatically move to the next round. In this round the candidates also get to interact with WhiteSnow’s current team. This helps them understand the Work Culture at WhiteSnow.


Step 3 – Coding Test


The Candidates who pass Step 1 are given a coding/programming test based on the position they are applying. This is to be answered on paper which checks on the candidates hardcore coding skills. The questions are updated regularly for each candidate as to ensure no preparations could help in this step.

This is a common test in most of the IT companies however they carry out the coding test using a Computer, Whitesnow believes in doing this differently. The test is given on a piece of paper in Whitesnow. If you thought doing programming on a Computer was hard, try doing it on a paper!

When a candidate successfully is able to pass this test on paper, it ensures perfection as coding on a computer is a piece of cake then. Whitesnow also encourages this test as it checks on the candidates concentration levels, which is a vital factor in developing accurate and perfect codes and applications. Whitesnow does this to ensure the candidate knows the programming language “like the back of his/her hand.” This is also an elimination round whereby the candidates that cannot pass the coding test in a certain time frame get eliminated while the remaining pass to the next round. A time frame is important, as in the given competition in the world the talent of Whitesnow is able to perform efficiently and faster than other companies in the world.


Step 4 – Interaction Test 2


This is a repetition to Interaction Test carried out in Step 3. However the interviewers are two different  employees of Whitesnow. The same process is followed as in Step 2. In this Step the candidate is taken out for lunch by the team, this helps the candidate understand how the team is outside work and allows them the freedom to casually talk and question about Whitesnow. It also helps the candidate understand the different personalities that already exist in WhiteSnow’s team. This is a Non Elimination Round.


Step 6 – Machine Test


The candidates that pass step 3 are in for a shock. This step of the recruitment process is called the Machine Test. The Machine test is the hardest which not only tests your technical skills but also your ability to learn new coding languages and new skills. Links are handed over to the candidate with questions related to programming languages they have never learnt or experienced. The candidate needs to learn and create a small app in a programming language he/she has never worked before in 4 hours.

Candidates can use the internet for knowledge or speak to programmers at WhiteSnow to get help, it does not matter. It is noticed in this test, the Whitesnow team is very helpful and guide the candidates in the most appropriate and useful manner. If a candidate possesses this skill set they are able to tackle real world IT challenges and hence this test is one of the most important.

Current Employees of Whitesnow had claimed this test to be the most useful, as in the process of answering this test they have ended up learning a new programming language which has helped in the Projects that Whitesnow carries out. Whitesnow encourages continuous learning, this Test passes candidates who love what they do as passion is the most important factor in problem solving.


Step 7 – Interaction Test 3


This is once again a repetition to the previous two Interaction tests however the interviewers from Whitesnow are the two most senior employees which includes  Ashish and Gaurav (the most senior members who are responsible and quick learners with an appetite to learn new languages every week!) This Interaction test is mostly technical as the two seniors are very technically sound. After the third and final Interaction test the candidates freely interact with the Whitesnow team once again in the office. This time the comfort level of the candidate is much higher henceforth they even help and learn from certain members of the Whitesnow team in carrying out certain tasks and projects. This is a Non Elimination Round.


Step 8 – Review


In this Step, the candidate is not active. The 6 members which interviewed the candidate in the Interaction tests openly discuss the pros and cons of the candidates. Whitesnow has an Open Minded culture which encourages discussions to be debated upon. Hence Viewpoints, Perceptions and Feedback are discussed along with comments which help them draft a report which is emailed  to Jayesh for review and validation.


Step 9 – HR Round


The HR round is usually the first round in any IT company around the world, however as Whitesnow prefers doing things differently they carry out the HR Round last. The HR round takes place by only after Jayesh agrees on passing the  candidate after reading the report by the 6 employees of Whitesnow. The HR round  is carried out by Mugdha who is a young HR specialist who has learnt HR skills from her guru Subhash who has trained her in recruitment and he also accompanies her. They together understand  the Candidates.

Subhash asks questions which help him understand how well the candidates work in a team along with what their strengths and weaknesses are. He also understands the goals and dreams of the candidate which is a very important factor in identifying if the candidate has the right goals, goal oriented, focused and is a hard worker.

Subhash and Mugdha help the candidate put into place how Whitesnow as a company can help his/her dreams and goals. The most important aspect of the interview is to understand the candidate’s passion towards the company.

‘Hiring is a two way street. You should hire us first, and then we can hire you’ Subhash repeats to every candidate. Basically the fundamental behind this statement is, only if the candidate is happy to work in the company will he be able to perform. Subhash encourages candidates to meet one or more WhiteSnow guys and ask why they work at WhiteSnow and What they like and what they don’t. By this time the candidate has met and become familiar with almost 10 people from WhiteSnow, 6 in the interviews itself. This meetings gives candidate confidence in the company and his/her decision to join WhiteSnow.

The whole process of recruitment takes 3-5 days which is a lengthy affair as Subhash believes helps get the candidate more familiar with WhiteSnow’s goals and objectives. The  evidence of the recruitment process being extremely successful in hiring highly talented individuals is the fact that Whitesnow has a 100% retention rate, with many of the Whitesnow team claiming that Whitesnow is their first and last job!


“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our businesses.”

– Steve Wynn